Notice of Vacancy / Hysbysiad am Swydd Wag
Replacement Bridgend Local Development Plan 2018 to 2033

Public Consultation: 

BCBC is consulting on the Replacement Local Development Plan Preferred Strategy. The strategy gives the context for the preparation of more detailed policies, proposals and land use allocations in the coming Deposit Local Development Plan. Also, the strategy gives BCBC's vision, strategic objectives and Spatial Strategy for Bridgend County Borough’s future development and growth. It is a set of strategic policies for the Local Development Plan’s (LDP’s) main priorities.

This consultation’s position in the process of replacing the LDP

The preferred strategy is the first part of the Bridgend Replacement LDP process. It signals the end of pre-deposit plan preparation and engagement, and so, this is the ‘Pre-deposit Proposals Statutory Public Consultation’.  The documents can be found here, and identify Bridgend Town and Valleys Gateway as key strategic sites that are too be developed further.  Residents are urged to look at the plans and respond accordingly  in writing.   The Clerk will be pleased to receive copies of rany resident responses so that NHCC may also reflect community views.


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Oct 1st 2019




The Bridgend Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) is a high level strategy which must be prepared by the council. The LDP sets out in land-use terms the priorities and objectives of the Corporate Plan. The future Replacement LDP will be required to express in land-use terms the wellbeing objectives and priorities of the Bridgend Public Services Board’s Wellbeing Plan.

BCBC recently invited submissions from developers, landowners and the public for sites for new development, redevelopment or protection in the Replacement LDP.  These sites are known as ‘candidate sites’ and are available to view on the Candidate Site Register.

The submission of a candidate site does not guarantee that it will be taken forward into future Local Development Plan policy proposals. It is also not a planning application.

This site register is not a consultation document but is available for public inspection. Future planning decisions for the area are based on the agreed Local Development Plan that is in place. 

The request for 'candidates sites' across the County closed on November 9th 2018,  and the suggestions put forward  - potentially affecting Pen-y-Fai and Aberkenfig - are included and can be found via here.


NHCC submitted the Pheasant Field, Penyfai as a candidate site for public open space.


Next stages of the development of the Local Development Plan and any future consultation can be found by checking back from time to time on this link or direct to the BCBC website.


Feb 3rd 2019